Dear ABM,

I have wanted to write to you for several weeks now. I am not one to write a company generally but felt I had to concerning your ABM animal bedding.

At my property in Pennsylvania, I own two horses, a friend of mine boards her horse there, as well as having a few other farm animals. In early September, we were hit by Tropical storm Irene (which dumped a fair amount of rain, but did little damage) followed by the remnants of Tropical storm Lee, a week or so later. Our small farm borders the Chickies Creek which flows into the Susquehanna River a half mile down stream. Rainfall amounts were between 12-15 inches in our area and resulted in severe flooding.

My house had 7-8 ft of water in the basement, the fields and fences were completely covered in water, and our barn had 5 ft. of water in the lower level where our stalls are. Thankfully, we were able to house our horses on the top floor of the bank barn during the storm. After 2 days the water began to recede leaving about 6” in the stalls that evening. We were prepared to bail stalls in the morning however, when morning came there was NO standing water in the stalls at all! We mucked out all of the ABM bedding and cloroxed the walls, limed the floor and by that evening, we placed fresh ABM bedding down and returned our horses to their rightful stalls with no problem! That is just amazing and a ringing endorsement to your product! I can’t imagine any other product doing that!

We also had about 10 bags of bedding in the flood water. Some of it was fine, but through tiny pinholes, several bags had swelled and were obviously wet. It still proved extremely useful! Everywhere there was very slick mud covering the ground that made walking treacherous. We poured the swelled bags onto the pathways and our footing was sure!

I never imagined I would be this excited about horse bedding. Your bedding is the ONLY one I buy! Thanks for the awesome product and keep up the good work!

Thank you very much!